Climbing in Vang Vieng with Central Climbers

Once in Vang Vieng, there are countless outdoor activities you can choose from. It doesn’t have to be the Tubing experience. We tried something new: rock climbing. And we have to say that we absolutely loved it! It was a great day outdoors with a great guide. 

We didn’t book our tour with the most popular tour agency which is Adams Climbing school or green discovery. We cannot comment on them but we had a couple doing a half day tour with one of these companies and they arrived later than we and left earlier…

We did some research and found Central Climbers.  They only had 6 reviews at our time checking (now it’s 15) but all of them were fantastic.

We booked a half day tour, meaning we got to do five climbs each. We got our own guide Tang who was such a good and friendly guide. His climbing skills are amazing. His English is good, as well. In the morning, we walked some minutes to their office which is located on the main street of Vang vieng. We were welcomed by Tang and his wife (?), got our climbing harness, shoes and some water bottles and off we went!

It took us about 10 minutes until we arrived at the Vang Vieng river, from there a very small long boat drove us across the river to our climbing place, a small canyon in front of the carst mountains.

across the river, behind the mountain was our place to climb

We had the best time ever! As already mentioned, everyone of us two got to do five climbs which were more than enough for us as starters. Tang taught us the basic knots, showed us some techniques and secured us when we were in the rock. It was so great and we even made some progress!

After four hours, we drove back to the office. It was a great active morning that we highly recommend. If you’re in Vang Vieng and you want to do some rock climbing, give Central Climbers a shot, you won’t regret it.


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