Culture shock in Bandung

What can I say…Bandung is the real Asia. Bandung is a city conveniently located on the way from Jakarta to Yogjakarta. It only takes 3 hours by train from Jakarta to Bandung. Bandung is popular for its factories: nike, puma etc and different jeans brands. You’ll find everything really cheap here. We stopped in Bandung because we wanted to divide the long journey between Jakarta and Yogja into two parts. It’s another 7 hours to Yogja. Once in Bandung, we were looking for accomodation. There are two parts most of the accomodation is located in: one part is north of the Train station (middle price range) and the other location is south of the Train station (lower price range). We checked out both locations and none of the accomodation had good value for money. We ended up in New by Moritz which is…worth to check out to experience the soft asian beds, to get out your own sleeping bed, to sweat in the Indonesian heat, to have no door to the bathroom and ants crawling out a hole once the shower is turned on.

Yet, the location is excellent! Directly in the hustle and bustle of Bandung, only 10 minutes to the main street which is filled with music and night. Get a cheap Bintang there or even try Macarons.

We recommend booking the train to Yogja the day before you leave as it fills up quickly. This part of the train ride is one of the most beautiful train rides that we experienced so far (besides BKK to Kanchanaburi and we’re excited to hop on the famous train from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka). Do get hand on a local dish on the train, it’s delicious and inexpensive!

Going to Bandung? Yes, but get a good accomodation. There are a lot of midrange hotels a little outside of the main street. Enjoy the still non-touristy city of Java.



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