Rabbit Island – relaxing island life?

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Rabbit Island owes its name to its shape of a rabbit. Since we have no drone we cannot confirm that. What we can confirm is that you can walk the whole island within 2 hours, there is no electricity (only for 4 hours a day), accomodation is very simple and island life very relaxing. We came to Rabbit Island primarily for one reason: 

to see the luminsecent plankton. Rabbit Island is one of the few islands in the world where this wonder of nature can be seen. Spoiler: we did not see any plankton although we set our alarm clocks for 11 pm and 2 am. The moon was too bright that night. Maybe that’s why we weren’t lucky…

Anyway, Rabbit Island is a little hidden gem and next to Koh Rong one island you shouldn’t miss especially if you’re up for some relaxation time and don’t mind sleeping in very basic accomodation. It was a little bit too quiet for our taste, though.

How to get there: we hired a tuktuk from Kampot. The pier where the long boats are heading towards Rabbit Island is a little outside of Kep town. It took us 40  minutes to get there. We bought some supplies at the local market in Kampot as we knew that food prices on islands can be a lot higher than on the mainland. We bought some bananas, dragonfruits and home made bread.IMG_0123 The “ferry” is nothing but an old long boat that can fit about 20 tourists. At the pier, you have to register in a log book and you have to indicate how many nights you are going to be on Rabbit Island. One night was more than enough for us as we are people who become bored pretty easily. IMG_0127

On the island: once on the island, we got a simple accomodation for 10 dollars the night. We had our own western toilet and hammocks on our porch. You don’t really have much to choose from as well as you don’t really get a chance to bargain as you are stuck on the island. The owners know that. There are three restaurants on the island that serve basically everything. We can recommend the restaurand at the very left of the village. The owner is so nice, funny and speaks English well. She also prepares good and strong cocktails 🙂

We wanted to walk around the island, but we turned back after half an hour as it was simply too hot. Even the water was too hot and not refreshing at all. IMG_0132

We spent the rest of the day reading on our kindle, listening to podcasts and eating. At 6 pm the generators are turned on and there will be electricity for 4 hours. After that, the island basically sleeps. So did we. At least we tried because the heat was unbearable.

The next morning, we had breakfast and made our way back to Kep and then to Sihanoukvile. The ferry leaves the island at 10 am so it was easy to catch the next bus to Sihanoukville which was another 3 hours ride. We were quite relieved that we were back in civilization, to be honest. Rabbit Island, you were beautiful and an adventure, but only for 24 hours, please.IMG_0137

Rabbit Island is a place where you can have a digital detox and enjoy a real island life. If you’re lucky and get to see the glowing plankton – then it is a real insider’s tip. Personally, we would not go there again as it was just too quiet for us. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do than to sunbathe or swim in the ocean. If you can promise me that I will see luminescent plankton…then maybe I would go again 🙂


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