Action Paradise Mont Tremblant

Hello Peeps, I’m back on track! Ok, seriously though: I’m currently traveling through the East of the USA and Canada. Different travel style than Asia but still awesome. If you’re in Canada, check out the beautiful village of Mont Tremblant, just 1 1/2 hours north of Montréal and 2 hours from Ottawa. If you’re into activities (including challenging ones) then this is the right spot for you.

Normal itineraries through Canada often skip Mont Tremblant but you shouldn’t. It is mostly visited by Canadians but that is a good sign, isn’t it?

Don’t confuse Mont Tremblant with the village of Tremblant. You want to check out the latter one. It is a little village with beautiful colored houses nestled between a lake and mountains. It is supposed to be a great ski resort in winter. In summer, you can do basically the same adrenalin based activites like in Queenstown, NZ. From ziplining (the longest zipline takes about a minute!), climbing, white water rafting, to stand up paddling, biking, canoeing and hiking. There is something for everybody.

about one third of the Grand Brûlée Trail

Accomodation: Since there was the Ironman going on the weekend we stayed in Tremblant, we haven’t had a great choice. But we found a hidden gem five minutes outside the village of Tremblant at the Château Beauvallon. We can highly recommend this hotel. It offers an outdoor and indoor pool, as well as a jacuzzi, breakfast and all the rooms are in a suite-style featuring a balcony, kitchenette and fireplace. In Tremblant, you can’t go wrong with your hotel choice. Almost all the well known brands like Holiday Inn, Mariott, Sheraton, as well as the famous Fairmont Tremblant.. are represented there.

beautiful colored houses in Tremblant

A tip to eat: The Crêperie Catherine is located a little bit outside of the village Tremblant and next to Mont Tremblant (see how confusing it gets?) The crêperie offers a variety of….well crêpes. We had four different crêpes and we liked all of them! Especially the ones with their famous Bèchamel sauce on it…yum! The price range for a crêpe is from 8 CAD to 15 CAD.

Hiking: We did the Grande Brûlée Hike from the base to the summit of the mountain. It took us more than three hours including many stops. It is a strenous but rewarding hike! It leads you through forests (good in summer for the cooling shade) all the way up to the gondola station. We saw squirrels, a calm lake and even a snake!

A squirrel on the way up

We would recommend this walk in contrast to the caps walk (find a map of the trails here) because you’re protected by the sun while there is no shade when you’re doing the caps walk. The ticket for the gondola (only descending) is 7 CAD including taxes. (it is much more expensive uphill).

I wish we could have stayed longer but everything was fully booked…Next time, I definitely want to do the Via Ferrata, a walk that leads you on a small rim of a rock through the Mont Tremblant National Park…

If you’re around Ottawa or Montréal, make sure you stop by beautiful Mont Tremblant and do some activities there.



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