Amish Village in Lancaster – back in time

Today, a different topic. Let’s go on a trip that leads us to another world, another time. In Lancaster Country, only 1 1/2 hours west of Philadelphia, more than 34.000 Amish people live there. We’ve heard some stories and had some superficial knowledge about the Amish and their religion and culture, so this was the perfect time to gain insight into their way of living. 

A tip for accomodation in Lancaster: We stayed at the Country Inn of Lancaster, a lovely motel in a rustic Amish style. The rooms were spacious and the breakfast was extraordinary (Fresh berries, yum!)

Amish village in Lancaster

Amish Village: We decided to visit the Amish village, jsut 4 minutes away from our accomodation en route between Lancaster and the town of Intercourse (yes, the town’s name is really intercourse…). We didn’t want to book a guided tour with a mini van that drives you through the countryside. Since we had our own four wheels, we did that afterwards by ourselves. Still, we wanted to learn someting about the Amish and the Amish village was perfect for that.

Amish horse carriage

At the Amish village, you can get a 25 minute tour through an Amish house from 1840. It only costs 9.50$ per person. You can ask basically anything about Amish life, but you’ll probably don’t have any questions left after the very informative tour. Our guide was not Amish and she was very critical towards Amish culture (Were not sure if we liked that, she could have been more objective).

She was a great guide and knew all the answers to our questions. After the tour, you’re free to walk the grounds of the farm, visit a one-room schoolhouse, a barn, a blacksmith shop and a grocery shop. We can recommend the homemade Apple cider juice for 1.25$! It is so delicious!

How to best see the Amish countryside: After the tour, we wanted to explore the countryside a little bit. We did this with our car, which was the best option. Just head left from the Amish village, and turn left at the second traffic light. You’ll see many barns and Amish live, kids with little old scooters, people working in the fields, doing laundry….it is very entertaining! Make a left turn at S Belmont Rd and you’ll find a small Amish shop on your left where Amish kids were selling delicious cookies and homemade pies! We can recommend the monster cookies…The kids were so friendly and tried their newly learned German 🙂

After a couple of miles, you will reach the town of Intercourse with its Kettle Shops and many different Amish shops. This town is quite touristy but at the same time charming.

We felt that we got some insight into Amish life after our half day tour. If you’re ever in or around Lancaster, visit the Amish village and explore the countryside of Lancaster. It is worth it! Find out some interesting facts about Amish culture. I won’t spoil you here with them, ask them yourselves 🙂



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