A short trip to Great Falls State Park, VA

Just a quick update on one of our little detours that we did during our East Coast trip. We were around Washington and I came across one great Instagram picture that showed this: 

pretty nice falls…

Pretty impressive waterfalls…I googled it and voilá – it was only 12 miles north west of Washington and our place we stayed at! Btw, we can highly recommend the Hyatt House in Sterling/Dulles Airport. Great rooms, lovely staff, and one of the best breakfasts we had during our trip. First time no plastic dishes! Yipea!

Back on topic. After breakfast, we headed to the Great Falls State Park, VA. It costs $10 per car to enter the park, which is more than reasonable. The state park is not very big, so you basically only end up parking your car at the visitor center and walking to three overlooks over the river. We started with overlook number one, the most impressive one. This is not wheelchair accesible (whereas the other two overlooks are) because you have to climb some stones to get the best view over the falls. It is totally worth it. There is a sign that says that you should not step on the stones behind the handrail…do it. For the pic. And the view. But be careful. Please.


After the first overlook, we skipped the second and headed to the third one. Afterwards, we went to the second. Both are great, as well, but having seen the waterfalls from the first overlook is the best. So maybe you want to save this until last…

Overall, this little trip to Great Falls State Park was quite worth it. The falls are impressive although they probably hadn’t much water because it didn’t rain for days. If you’re around Washington, D.C. and you are sick of all the museums and monuments there, treat yourself to some amazing nature. This is a State Park that is unknown but a hidden gem!

overlook 3

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