Sweat, Nature and Tarantulas – Ream Nationalpark, Cambodia

The title says it all: when we decided to visit Ream Nationalpark outside Sihanoukville, we didn’t know that we signed up for one of the most strenuous hikes, clothes soaked in sweat, beautiful nature and being some centimetres away from a Tarantula with her babies… Continue reading “Sweat, Nature and Tarantulas – Ream Nationalpark, Cambodia”


Rabbit Island – relaxing island life?

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Rabbit Island owes its name to its shape of a rabbit. Since we have no drone we cannot confirm that. What we can confirm is that you can walk the whole island within 2 hours, there is no electricity (only for 4 hours a day), accomodation is very simple and island life very relaxing. We came to Rabbit Island primarily for one reason:  Continue reading “Rabbit Island – relaxing island life?”

Lovely Kampot and Bokor Hill Station

Kampot is a little town 3 hours south of Phnom Phen next to a mountain that has an old French Casino and Catholic church on top. We loved the tranquility of Kampot so much that we spent 4 nights there. Two nights on our Way to Rabbit Island, and two nights back from Sihanoukville as a stopover on our way to Vietnam. Kampot has to offer Continue reading “Lovely Kampot and Bokor Hill Station”