the 2 weeks itinerary for Sri Lanka you’ve been waiting for

Yes…you heard right. I always love if people post their itinerary on the web especially if they also review accomodation, restaurants and things to do in their writing. So here is our 16 day itinerary for a backpacking trip around Sri Lanka. The itinerary is packed with different means of transport, different accomodation, from hostels to homestays to guesthouses and some tips for your travels. Enjoy!  Continue reading “the 2 weeks itinerary for Sri Lanka you’ve been waiting for”


Haputale: Lipton Tea Plantations

After enjoying the good restaurants and the perks of a small mountain city in Ella, we decided that it was time to head to another town in the highlands. Since we wanted to visit a tea plantation (the one in Ella was closed), we opted for the town Haputale and the nearby famous Lipton Tea Plantation.  Continue reading “Haputale: Lipton Tea Plantations”